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Map of best practices

The map of best practices has been published for the first time in June 2015, in the context of the Interreg project “accelerate the energy transition together”. It shows exemplary renewable energy generating facilities, high performing buildings, as well as sustainable neighborhoods in the Upper Rhine. The map is currently updated in close collaboration with GeoRhena.

Please help the TRION-climate office to complete the map, by providing us information on the power installations, buildings and neighborhood that meet the following criterias:

Geographical criterias

The geographical perimeter of the map of good practices comprises the Départements of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin on the French side; on the German side, Baden and its Stadtkreise Freiburg and Karlsruhe as well the Landkreise Baden-Baden, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Emmendingen, Karlsruhe, Lörrach, Ortenau, Rastatt and Waldshut, southern Palatinate with its Kreise Germersheim, Landau, Südliche Weinstraße and Südwestpfalz ; and finally the cantons Basel-city, Basel-Country and Jura in northwest Switzerland.

Temporal criterias

The map of good practices comprises the power generation facilities and buildings built or commissioned after 2005, namely the year of entry into force of new thermal regulations. Among renewable energy generating facilities, an exception applies to hydroelectric energy. The only exception concerning buildings is the Heliotrop in Freiburg, whose architecture turned towards the sun was very advanced some for its time.

Qualitative criterias

The power generation facilities have to present an innovative and exemplary character. Only wind energy plants composed by at least two wind turbines are mentioned. With respect to photovoltaic energy, the map only shows big parks with an installed capacity over 500 kWc - except for binational facilities because of their cross-border nature. All selected buildings and neighborhoods are certified, through a label or any other energy-efficience award, and received in most cases funding from a subsidy program. This ensures that they have been evaluated and authorized by a panel of experts.

Do you know some renewable energy generating facilities/buildings/neighborhoods that meet these criterias required to be shown on the map? Please fill out the form below in order to inform the TRION-climate office.

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